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Safety First


 You'll have fun in class, but more importantly, you'll be safe.  We pride ourselves on adapting to your level of experience to ensure you're comfortable and safe.

No Boring Lectures

Firearms instructor and students

Some training classes are just a talking head, reading from a book at the front of the room.  Not at Live Fire! We engage you with hands-on exercises and involving discussions.

Well-Qualified Instructors


 Our instructors are all NRA-certified with years of practical experience and in training students.  Firearms aren't just something we teach, they're a part of our lifestyle.


Man drawing from a holster.

Illinois Concealed Carry Certification

Our 16 hour class includes everything you need for Illinois and Utah concealed carry licensing - training, pictures for your applications, ink fingerprints, all paperwork and range time - all in one, no hidden extra fees.  If you have previous firearms training or are an armed services veteran, you may be able to get your CCL with less than 16 hours of training. 


Illinois Concealed Carry Renewals

A four hour course covering the required material for your renewal, including legal updates, important practical refresher points and range time.  You can take this course months in advance of applying for your renewal.

Utah Concealed Firearms Certified Instructor

Utah Concealed Carry License

The Utah Concealed Carry permit allows you the ability to carry legally in several additional states not covered by the Illinois permit.  This is a 4 hour course which can be taken by itself or in addition to other training. Paperwork and ink fingerprints are included for your application. 

Additional Courses

If you're looking for a beginning firearms safety class, a private class, maybe wanting to learn how to shoot a rifle or shotgun, or maybe a group outing, let us know using the contact form below or give us a call.  We've taught individuals, church groups, and bachelor/bachelorette parties!


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If you have questions, want to set up a special group class or personal training, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

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